Our Crematory

In this day and age cremation is becoming more and more common, so in 2006, in an effort to embrace this new trend, our affiliate location, Salser & Dillard Funeral Chapel in Visalia, set out to once again become an industry leader installing the first crematory of its kind in the United States.To learn more about Salser & Dillard's crematory journey CLICK HERE.Our Crematory is operated by our knowledgeable and licensed professionals. We strictly adhere to a Cremation Code of Ethics and are continuously ensuring our technology remains on the cutting edge.  Because our crematory is located at our affiliate facility your loved one will never leave our care.

When making the decision to cremate, it's important to recognize there are some very important considerations when selecting the crematory you will entrust with the care of your loved one.

Not All Crematories Are Equal

Not All Crematories Are Equal

Salser & Dillard's state-of-the-art equipment from Facultatieve Technologies is impeccably maintained, fully automated with filter technology and continual emissions control allowing us to minimize the impact on the environment.

In addition, while it is common practice for most crematories to have to open the crematory during the cremation process to re-position the remains, with our equipment this is not necessary nor is it allowed and you can rest assured your loved one's body is handled with the utmost care.

For more information regarding our Crematory and the cremation process please CLICK HERE 

Family Participation

Family Participation

Cremation is simply a form of disposition, here at Salser & Dillard we firmly believe Cremation Services can be just as unique and meaningful as a Traditional Casket Service.  That's why we're committed to giving you and your loved one the kind of personal, respectful attention we would provide members of our own family. 

The state of the art nature of our crematory allows you to be as involved in the cremation of your loved one as you wish to be. Arrangements can be made for your family to have a private viewing prior to the cremation, or actually witness the initial stages of the cremation process, as well as integrating any religious or cultural traditions/rituals you desire.

Come Check Us Out

Our fully-transparent business practices mean we welcome your cremation and crematory-related questions. In fact, we encourage you to call us whenever you are ready to discuss the private cremation services we provide. Not only that, we invite you to take the time to inspect our crematory facility. Stop by our Visalia location, or if you prefer, call (559) 635-1144 to set an appointment.